What Will Happen If Buhari declares bandits as Terrorists – Sheikh Gumi

Popular Cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has revealed what will happen if Buhari declares bandits as Terrorists.

Recall that, the former Nigerian soldier, Sheikh Gumi’s name has always been mentioned when matters arising to bandits and mediation is mentioned, for the last few months he has been acting as a mediator, dialoguing and communicating between the Federal Government and bandit.

During an interview, he stated what will happen if Buhari declares bandits as Terrorists. He said that Nigeria will end, if Buhari takes such action, Nigeria will end as a sovereign and united entity.

“The level of havoc that has been wrecked in the northern region has been on the rise, these people are not terrorists, they are only pushed by the situation of the country into banditry, if President Buhari labels them as terrorists, things will aggravate in the entire country”.

“Bandits are only fighting for a way of survival if their demands are met, there is a high probability that they will present and refrain from such activities, and also Buhari should also consider the fact that the one’s being affected and killed are the innocent people, who have committed little or no offense”.

Buhari should not try to label them as terrorist or Jihadist movements, because they may tend to employ the use of idle youth in perpetuating their evil acts.


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