“Warri Has Become A Den For Yahoo Boys After Oil Companies Left The Area” – Rufai Oseni

Rufai Oseni has expressed concern regarding the exit of some companies from Warri, Delta State. The prominent journalist discussed the topic on VOP while reacting to the PDP’s internal squabbles in Delta State.

Addressing the topic, Rufai said, “Beyond the political play in Delta State, it is vital to ask how the lives of Delta State people have been improved.” When people come to solicit your votes, you should ask how they plan to better your lives. Most of the oil services in Warri, Delta State, have left, and Warri has since become a den for many Yahoo boys (also known as Internet fraudsters).”

He continued, “Warri used to be a hub of development and real estate.” I used to tell people that estate development started in Warri during the 1970s before Lagos State. The conflict in the state has become a challenge to attracting investors.

Nigerians have been advised to choose wisely and elect competent leaders at all levels of government as elections have vital consequences on the lives of the people.


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