I Am From Borno, And Most Of The People Following Peter Obi Are Doing It On Their Own Accord – Balami

The deputy national campaign manager of the labour party, Isaac Balami has revealed how passionate majority of the people are, especially the youths ahead of the 2023 presidential election, where he stressed that a lot of them do come out in large numbers on their own accord and support the labour party presidential flagbearer.

Balami who spoke on Arise News when he was asked the chances of the youths delivering the labour party in the 2023 presidential polls said the people are already fueled and ready to change the previous administration, as they have proven so with their willingness to support him by coming out without either being paid or being induced.

He said he is from Borno state and that never in the history of Nigeria has a presidential candidate being spoken to in such a good way by all the people, all on their own accord, irrespective of the region they come from.

Speaking further, he pointed that no one who is fighting for the emergence of Peter Obi is doing it under the basis of being paid by money or whatsoever, as he himself is a proof of that after having to leave his business to fight for the former Anambra governor become the next president.

He said… “I’m from Borno state, and one thing you need to know, go and check, this things are there, I can assure you, majority, if not all of the people following Peter Obi and Daati, they are doing it at their own accord. Look at me, I left my business, I left all that comfort”


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