Gunmen Attack Tompolo Speedboat In Bayelsa State

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Tantita, a Tompolo Pipeline Surveillance boat operated by Tuomo Unit and commanded by High Chief Mike Loyibo, the traditional prime minister of Tuomo Kingdom in Delta State, was attacked by unidentified gunmen yesterday and its 200 horsepower engine was stolen.

A few hours after Loyibo and his team visited Henry Azazi, the new Coordinator of the Aleibiri Unit, at the Aleibiri community in the Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, there was an incident. Our source confirmed that yesterday, after Gen. Gowon Abenzi, his predecessor, was fired, Azazi returned to work.

Azazi, on the other hand, is said to have sprung into action, ordered everyone to remain calm, and promised to catch the thieves and attackers.

When contacted, a member of the Loyibo community in Tuomo, who requested anonymity, responded: “Yes, it occurred yesterday in Aleibiri, a nearby community in Bayelsa State. We’ve started a search operation to find the 200 Horse Power engine and boat after they fled.

We’ll recover it by any necessary means because we know who did it.

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