In 1989, My Landlord Told Me That He Will Not Rent His House To Ijebus, Igbos, And Lawyers – Osinbajo

Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, took to his official Twitter handle this morning to share a personal experience he had with prejudice many years ago. In 1989, Osinbajo … Read More

Boycott Lagos Census: Why Same People Chanting “Igbo, Leave Lagos” Begged Igbos Not To Travel In 2006 Census – Ochereome Nnanna

Columnist and Chairman of the Editorial Board at Vanguard Media Ltd, Ochereome Nnanna, sheds light on the hypocrisy of those who are calling for Igbo people to leave Lagos while … Read More

To Kill The Igbo Is To Kill Nigeria

Those who see nothing good in another tribe are the real enemies of humanity. They are worse than Polonium-210, that killer radioactive substance capable of wiping off a community, insidiously

Who say why can’t Igbo stay in Igboland should first ponder why Yoruba, Ijaw, Igbo, Hausa can’t stay in their Nigeria. Why do they migrate to United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen et al?

Find out why the Igbo Apprenticeship Scheme has become a case study at Harvard and Don’t bother to kill them. To kill the Igbo is to kill Nigeria. Every tribe has its flaws. The more you focus on the speck of flaws in others, the more you grow unaware of the log of flaws you bear in you. Our diversity is an asset; not a liability…