2023: How Can The Entire Country Be Ganging Up Against Igbo? – Ayo Adebanjo

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Chief Ayo Adebanjo, the leader of the Pan Yoruba socio-political organisation Afenifere, has revealed his reason why South-East should produce the president in the 2023 election if Nigeria is to enjoy peace.

During an interview, he stated that he loves Yoruba candidates, whom he refers to as his children, but that he is backing the South-East in its efforts to establish fairness and fair play.

In his statement, “It is fairness, justice and equity. We have been doing rotation, it is only South-East that has not produced the president. How can the rest of the country be ganging up against them? We are not saying the truth. It is their right to produce the president, any other argument is selfish and such people are not serious about Nigeria.

Adebanjo in his second statement, disclosed why he’s not supporting any Yoruba candidate as president, stating that Yoruba has produced president and vice president for the country which the South-East has not produced any yet.

“Have the Yoruba not produced the president and the vice president? Have the South-East got it? If you were in the shoes of the Igbo and the presidency is coming to the South and it is going back to the Yoruba, is that fairness and how would you feel? We are just busy deceiving ourselves to find one lame argument or the other. I love Nigeria to be one. Anything short of that; you are pushing the South-East out of Nigeria. If Buhari is sincere, let him step down the constitution and get another one before the election, unless we want to continue to deceive ourselves.”

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