What Ban On All Igbo Businesses Might Cause Between The North And The South East

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According to an exclusive report from Sahara Reporters, the Coalition of Northern Group, or CNG, has announced that all Igbo businesses in the country’s northern region will be boycotted starting in April 2022. This was done in direct response to the Southeast’s outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra’s ban on the killing of Fulani cows, which was announced to take effect in April 2022.

How then will this move to ban all Igbo businesses in the north lead to unrest between the North and the southeast?

Without a doubt, the north and the southeast, particularly the IPOB, have been at odds over the country’s resources in recent years. After accusing Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, of disrupting the country’s peace, 75 northern organizations issued a N100 million bounty on his head. The southeast, on the other hand, protested against Fulani herdsmen’s operations in the country’s southern region, accusing them of killing farmers and forcibly grazing their land. These issues, as well as many others, have been a source of dispute between the two regions.

As a result, if the Coalition of Northern Group’s intended ban on all Igbo firms in the North succeeds, it will destroy the connection of wealth creation between the two regions, perhaps causing further conflict.

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