Surprise As Two Fans Pulled Down Wizkid On Stage

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It’s rare for a Wizkid show to go off without a hitch of funny drama. Sometimes fans fights for his body parts if they aren’t fighting over his jacket.

While Big Wiz was singing on stage at the Abuja Wizkid Live In Concert in the early hours of Saturday morning, a male fan went to the platform and grabbed his leg. Fans initially thought it for a harmless stunt, but it escalated when another fan joined the first on stage to grasp Wizkid’s other leg.

As they sought to untangle their hands on Wizkid’s legs, Wizkid begged his bouncers to take it easy on them. When the supporters succeeded in knocking Wizkid to the ground, they were forced to disobey his order.

The bouncers pushed the fans into the crowd, and the event proceeded on without trouble.

Watch the video below;

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