Mompha Set To Seriously Deal With Bobrisky

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Cross-dresser Bobrisky has reacted to businessman Mompha’s release of screenshots of their claimed chats and voice note exchange.

Bobrisky, who made the talks public in reaction to Mompha’s allegation that he doesn’t associate with gay people and that they aren’t friends, told the businessman not to push him because it would be “bloody.”

Mompha disclosed in a new Instagram post that he has only met Bobrisky twice and wonders if “eating lunch in someone’s house is a crime.”

He also advised Bobrisky to flee since there would be war if he returned to Lagos. Following their public fall-out weeks ago, when Oye claimed Mompha and Bobrisky were an item, Mompha also accused Bobrisky and the cross-former dresser’s P.A., Oye, of causing him pain.

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