Female Preacher In Tears As She Saw Oyedepo Leading Many Fellowers To Hell

According to a female preacher who claimed to have seen a revelation, Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, is dragging his congregation to hell fire.

The terrible thing, according to the preacher, who was seen crying in a video clip, is that Oyedepo is leading millions of people to hell.

She inquired, through tears, if her viewers are aware of the number of their relatives who have joined the flashy preacher on his way to hell.

She said: “This is Bishop David Oyedepo that went to hell and all his followers. Multitude were trooping and entering inside with him. The man was going with so many billions of souls. The man was not going to the pit alone but the man was going with billions of souls.

“The man was going with people. The man was going with people (crying). And he wasn’t alone in those revelation. Do you know how many of your relatives inside? Your children (crying).”

Watch Video Below;


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