Custom Officers Seize Large Gun Container in Lagos

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Reports have reached BEST NEWS NETWORK that the Nigerian custom officers had seized a large gun container in Lagos.

The incident happened during late hours on Friday, after a suspicious officer opened the container to check the content, meeting a contraband goods.

According to sources, before the custom officers seized the large gun container in Lagos, the owner was said to have alleged that the container was carrying Plasma televisions.

Mr. Uche Ejesime, the Public Relations Officer of the Custom service, was contacted, confirmed the incident to be accurate, and affirmed that the container of guns was discovered during an assessment at a vehicle terminal.

Mr. Uche said, ” We will soon strip the container and ascertain the owner of the container, names of people involved, and the quantity of the weapons.”

“Higher superior officers have been contacted, and an official statement will be released after investigation.”

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