Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals Why Divorce Is High America

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie spoke at the first service of Salvation Ministries Home of Success. He stated that if you desire peace in your marriage, you must love and submit to your wife, and God will then back you up by ensuring that your family is at peace.

Submission, according to the man of God, is one of the most efficient ways to obtain things from God. He claims that submission is being phased out these days, particularly in the Western world. They want men to love them, but women refuse to submit because they believe they are on an equal footing. That, he claims, is why the divorce rate is so high, and it is now even higher in Africa. Divorce is common in most marriages since there is no love present. Submission is being defined in a really absurd way.

He went on to say that he told them when they went to Pennsylvania, and that because they don’t want to accept the truth, they will continue to divorce. In America, he claims that only a small fraction of people are not in their second marriage; otherwise, they are all in their second marriage. Because they refuse to follow the Scriptures, the first one has been dissolved. “Some are even in their fourth marriage because they don’t want to obey simple scriptures,” he said.

Finally, he said that they do not accept submission but instead equality. He said that any creature with two heads is a monster, any home with two men leading it will be very monstrous. “God gave it and you can’t change God’s plan. My friend you must do your part for God to do his part,” he said.

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