Woman Cried, Reveals How Pastor Iginla Started Beating Her A Week After Their Wedding

Pastor Precious Iginla’s estranged wife has made certain assertions about her trauma at the hands of the cleric. Blessing Joseph told how the priest threw her out of their home after she sold some plastic chairs in the house to feed the family during a recent interview with Chude.

Narrating her ordeal, Blessing Joseph said, “Precious Iginla started beating me one week after our wedding. He would often slap me and strangle me when provoked. Precious would lock me out of our home whenever I came late from the market. My former neighbors in Nigeria and South Africa had to beg him on my behalf multiple times after he locked me out. I stayed with him because his church members and our neighbors convinced me. I do not know where our children are at the moment.

Narrating further she added, “One day, Precious traveled to see his brother in Abuja without leaving sufficient money for feeding behind. He left N7000 for me and two kids to feed. I urged him to add more money, but he refused to add more money. However, I proceeded to sell some of the plastic chairs at home for N12000. I used the proceeds to feed myself and our kids. Precious got furious upon his arrival, and he assaulted me before he finally sent me parking. The incident happened 11 months ago. We were married for 7years.”


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