Kanu: “Forget About What Money Is Trying To Do” — Mbaka Blasts Igbo Leaders (Video)

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Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, a Nigerian catholic priest, has lambasted Igbo leaders for totally ignoring detained separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu.

Best News Network Recalls that Kanu was re-arrested in Kenya in June and turned over to Nigerian police after skipping bail in 2017 and fleeing abroad. Nigerian troops had invaded his residence earlier in the day in an attempt to apprehend him.

Mbaka cautioned that Nnamdi Kanu should not be disdain in a video broadcast on Adoration Ministry’s well-known Facebook page on Friday night.

His words: “I don’t know why our leaders who should be talking about their son are shying away from that. Somebody said your son is an evil man [and] should be killed. Will you sign that paper to kill your son?

“I don’t know how they understand my own stand, but I know God understands my position. I am soul-saver; I am a soul-winner. The Bible say ‘a good shepherd will leave 99, and begin to look for one that is lost’.

“One of us is missing. This is a culture of unity. Igbo people are bonded. Forget about what money is trying to do. We shall divide money, money shall not divide us. Political position shall not make us to merchandise our children. Because some people want to go to Abuja, they are ready to disown the youths. God in heaven is watching.”

Here is the full video below:


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