Worst Rule Of Becoming US President And Vice President

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Forget about being president of the United States; history demands that current and former presidents of the United States be prohibited from driving on the public road, the simple road where men can pass; no wonder it is easier and faster for them to escape any attack that may come their way.

The Rationale For Such Action:

Just as life is important, so is the protection of the United States president. They are not allowed to drive on public roads in order to safeguard their lives and protect the information about them since they are already celebrities with high expectations given to them, along with the return from those they guide as well.

For the past presidents, a law was passed as an act of 1958 to protect their potential, while the current ones were added with the ability to not be able to drive in public as well.

Right from the creation of the United State, the information concerning them, including their vice president, needed to be handled with care, not like in Africa, where even the president might move around the street alone if possible, not until the world and Africans as a whole become so evil that they need to seek higher security as well.

Driving in public is very dangerous and more dangerous than expected, and to crown it all, they enjoy it when the maximum security is given to them.

They are exposed to threats from the public and opposite parties over their lives and office, and above all, being the president of a world power nation where laws and power are brought into justice.

I have to wonder, when was the last time a vice president was given such an opportunity?Not until I realized that Americans are never African and won’t be African where insecurities are not trusted, they are given the maximum of it and in full as well, and with the high rate of evil and technology, it is expected that their leaders should be well protected.

On the other hand, the past leaders like Donald Trump and Obama are also covered by the same law and are paid according to the system on which the state is built. While tracing the death of former American president F. Kenneth, who died at the spot of a crown, it is expected that they drive on their own presidential road.

Source: CNBC

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