Watch As Oyedepo Was Attacked By Strange Man On Pulpit

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A strange man beat the security system, ascended the pulpit at Living Faith Church, Canaanland, Ogun, and attacked Bishop David Oyedepo in a bizarre situation recently.

The incident occurred two Sundays before the church’s Shiloh program, which took place last week.

According to a top church insider, the intruder entered the church by the Love wing door and strategically accessed the altar when Oyedepo was preaching.

When the huge crowd at the fourth service saw the strange man in white suit making his way to the altar, there was a security lapse.

According to a video , the man was dragging Bishop Oyedepo on one of his legs and was about to bring him down before security guards intervened.

To keep the man from collapsing on the altar, security men and some leaders on the altar, including Oyedepo’s son David, had to physically move him away from the Bishop.

The man was dragged from the church and given a life-threatening beating by Oyedepo’s security personnel.

Security had been ramped up at the church since that heinous tragedy, and it was even tighter for the recently finished Shiloh.

The security personnel on duty at the time of the incident have been replaced.

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