Trouble Continues In Imo State As Two Monarchs Abducted

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The abduction of two monarchs in Imo State continued the onslaught on traditional rulers in the Southeast on Sunday.

Following the abduction of the royal fathers, the gunmen set fire to their palaces and vehicles.

Acho Ndukwe of Amagu Ihube and Paul Ogbu of Ihitte Ihube, both of the state’s Okigwe Local Government Area, are the traditional rulers affected.

The gunmen also kidnapped the umulolo Okigwe youth leader, whose identity was unknown at the time of reporting this report.

According to community sources, the operation lasted from 12 a.m. on Saturday to 1 a.m. on Sunday.

“It was something else in the early hours of Sunday,” one person stated. They grabbed the two monarchs and set fire to their residences and vehicles in Hilux SUVs.

“They also kidnapped the youth leader of Umuololo- Okigwe. Eze Ndukwe is the chairman of Council of Traditional rulers in Okigwe LGA.

“He is also the chairman and CEO of Genesis Hotel, Okigwe. Nobody can comprehend this attack. The communities are bewildered, highly confused.”

Mike Abattam, a spokesman for the state’s police force, said that an inquiry into the incident has begun.

In recent years, there has been an increase in attacks against traditional institutions in the South-East.

Edwin Azike, the traditional ruler of Atta old kingdom in Njaba LGA, was kidnapped on Thursday and murdered on Friday, his body being thrown in the market square.

Damian Nwaigwe, the traditional monarch of the Mbutu ancient kingdom, was abducted on Thursday and released on Saturday.

Henry Madumere, the traditional ruler of Achi Mbieri, was kidnapped on his way to a public occasion in Iho, Ikeduru LGA, on November 19.

Hoodlums stormed the Njaba LGA council headquarters in Nnenasa on October 19 and opened fire on traditional rulers who were attending a stakeholders meeting.

Two traditional rulers were wounded by gunshots and sent to the hospital, while two others were slain.

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