Gunmen Kidnap King and Youth Leader In Imo State

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Unknown Gunmen attacked and kidnapped the king and youth leader earlier today at a community in Imo state.

According to sources, the incident happened during the early hours of Sunday, when the gunmen attacked the city and set ablaze cars and properties of some traditional ruler in the community before they kidnapped and eloped with the king, chief, and youth leader at Okigwe Local Government in Imo state.

However, BEST NEWS NETWORK researched the matter and garnered that such incidents have been happening in the area frequently time.

The chief that was kidnapped, Eze Acho Ndukwe, was the Chairman Okigwe Local Government traditional rulers and the owner of Genesis Hotel.

During the past week, a traditional ruler, Edwin Azikwe, was kidnapped, and his corpse was found the second day.

The spokesman for the Police, Michael Abatam, stated that the force would swing into full action to gain the release of the abductees and prevent future recurrence of such.

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