Tonto Dikeh Warns Dowen College Principal Over Child Beaten To Death

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Famous Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh has warned Dowen college principal over his intention to cover the issue of a child that was beaten to death by his mate.

Recall that, earlier this week, a woman called out Dowen college on Twitter after her male cousin was beaten to death in the school environment.

She further revealed that her cousin was only 10-years-old before he approached his untimely death because he was told to join a cult, but he refused.

He was bullied and beaten to a pulp by his mates, and after his health got worse, the school reached out to his parent, telling them that he only fell while playing football.

When he was being treated, Doctor revealed that he was suffering from internal bleeding, which was caused by excessive beating. After much persuasion, he revealed the name of the students involved in the incident before he died.

This raised so many reactions online, only for the school to release a message debunking the issue and tagging the allegations rumor.

However, the kid’s father addressed the
Press today and revealed that the kids involved in the situation would be flown out of the country by their parents.

Tonto Dikeh has thrown a weight in the issues and has warned Dowen college principal to stop all intention to cover the case of the child beaten to death.

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