“They tried to kill me” Kanu’s Lawyer Makes Shocking Revelation

The lead counsel of the arrested People of Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s, Barrister Aloy Ejiofor has revealed that some people tried to kill him, after the court session.

Recall that, Nnamdi Kanu trial was held yesterday, November 10 at a federal high court in Abuja, the court session attracted and raised so much reaction, some of which are ;

• Some of Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer was denied access into the court arena.
• His lawyers, led by Aloy staged a walkout to voice out their frustrations.
• Several dignitaries, media houses, reporters, and journalists were in attendance, but they were denied entry.
• The case was adjourned to January 21, 2022.

Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer, Ejiofor during an interview with ARISE TV revealed that some people tried to kill him after the court session, but he failed to disclose the person.

He also express his displeasure towards the unruly act carried out by officers of the Department of State Services (DSS).

He stated that denying some of Kanu’s lawyers, media houses, and reporters access to the courtroom is undemocratic. We mentioned it to Justice Anyako and makes that the issue should be resolved, but she turned a deaf ear, we staged a walkout to protest.


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