Tension In Owerri As Shooters Enforced Sit-At-Home Order

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Today turned black Monday after chaos broke out In Imo as shooters enforced sit-at-home order in Owerri.

Recall that the sit-at-home order was made about a month ago by the members of Biafra nation, which stated that all Biafra states should stay at home till further notice, no movement or transportation, shop and market should remain closed till further notice, the order was not complied to, by some states who are members of the Secession sect.
The order was made to solicit the unlawful arrest of the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who was unlawfully arrested by the Nigerian authority in Kenya and was immediately transferred to Nigeria. Kanu was locked up at the DSS office, and no trial date has been fixed yet.

This morning, Imo State capital was left desolated as chaos broke shooters, shooters enforced sit-at-home order in owerri, and everyone had to run for their life.
According to sources, the gunmen stormed the markets, streets and all shops in the capital, shooting sporadically to scare people, motorcyclists, even drivers.
During the cause of the shooting, everyone scampered away for their lives, drivers made U-turn, collided with each other, which later led to heavy traffic, and some left their cars to run away, many traders left their shops open and ran away.

Hoodlums around the scene took advantage of the situation and decided to loot all the shots left open by traders who ran away.

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