Herdsmen: We Need 193 Million To Repair Igangan – King Reveals

At the request of Engineer Seyi Makinde, the Oyo State Governor, the Igangan town council has forwarded that a quota of 193 million to repair Igangan town that Fulani Herdsmen attacked.

Igangan town has been under attack by Fulani Herdsmen. During the past few months, many attacks have been launched on the city, tons of properties, vehicles, and lives have been cut short by the Fulani Bandits, which were alleged to be controlled by their leader.

During the heat of this attack, Human activists and Yoruba Nation Fighter Sunday Igboho visited the town, also gave a 7-days ultimatum for all Fulani’s living in the city to evacuate the city. Still, the Fulanis were adamant until Igboho forcefully ejected them, which later turned out bloody. The Fulani leader’s house was vandalized and set ablaze; since the arrest of Igboho in Benin, there had been no one to repel the attack.

The recent attack on June 5 was a retaliation for the ejection of their leader, Seriki Fulani, which Sunday Igboho and his followers did. About fourteen town residents were killed, while four bandits were also killed. The Fulani bandits looted houses, shops, civic centers, refilling stations, and other properties.

A quota of 193 million to repair Igangan town was forwarded to the Oyo State Government to fix all the damage done to the city by Fulani Herdsman.


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