Teni Fled For Her Life On Stage Over Gunshot

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Teniola Akpata, also known as Teni, a Nigerian singer, abruptly ended her performance and fled for her life at a show in Rivers state.

When a fight broke out between two men, she was performing.

According to a viral video posted online, the music singer fled out of the performance for her own safety after hearing gunshots.

Teni’s afropop hits “Millionaire” and “Uyo Meyo” are well-known. When the event occurred in Port Harcourt, she was apparently playing her #1 track “Hustle” off her most recent album.

Teni was also scheduled to perform in Owerri on December 30, 2021 at the “Rich and Famous” night. She announced the event on her official social media accounts.

The performance at Port Harcourt, on the other hand, is mostly unknown.

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