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The legs are made up of two steps, left and right, but no one wanted or thought of making both left and right shoes, which means no one thought of making different left and right shoes until the 1800s, when the world began to open up and civilization began.

But one can’t say much about shoes without emphasizing in sandals and other rubber shoes that were made in cooler and earlier days, which were made in both Rome, China, and other parts of the world, in which the soldier shoes were mostly known to be one of a kind known as caligo that used hubnail to smooth them down, even to the point when men boggled having them put on different occasions. But we’ll have to wait and see when and why the left and right shoes were introduced.

The History

It was not until 1800, when men began to consider the aspect of wearing both left and right shoes while attempting to differentiate themselves, that it was discovered that men’s feet are made to different sizes, which was only discovered by a mathematician.

From Philadelphia, by Hugo’s steinhus, he clarifies, though many speak highly of its invention, not because shoes and sandals were not made at the time, but because it was a single size for both left and right, and with that, never mind having some put on over-sized or not wearing at all, while the act of inventing was brought to place for the purpose of making it available to everyone.

However, the result of having much production and the beginning of shoe wearing comes with the Egyptian and with a sander shoe at that point.

Modern Shoes

Today, a lot of different shoes have been made with different left and right sizes for both babies and adults. This has sparked a lot of interest in the shoe industry because no one can live without shoes.

The heat of the sun alone will tell you why one is a beauty. Today, shoes have turned into a different fashion, starting from fancy shoes to sports shoes that make the gym attractive and look nice and increase the flexibility of the legs.

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