See what Obasanjo Said About Yoruba Nation

Former President Of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, has made a statement and revealed his stance regarding the secession of the Yoruba Nation.

The agitation and fight for the separation of Nigerians have been ongoing for the past few months, with different political figures, colossal people, and organizations rooting for the alleged separation.

However, the fight for the separation hit the rock when two leading figures of the protest were arrested; Sunday, Igboho fighting for Oduduwa Nation was arrested in Cotonou, while Nnamdi Kanu fighting for the freedom of IPOB is being detained at the DSS headquarters.

Moreover, Obasanjo revealed a statement about his stance regarding the secession of the Yoruba Nation.

The retired military officer stated that while would never be a party to succession in Nigeria. He also stressed that the current Government batted with issues of separation.

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