“Anyone Nice To The Mother-in-law Will Have A Problem In The Future” – Counsellor Advice Wives

Cyril George Carstensen, a Ghanaian relationship counsellor, has given guidance to spouses on how to treat their in-laws.

Carstensen told TV3 that spouses should be strict with their limits and ensure that no one, including their husband’s mother, violates them.

Those who choose to be kind to their mother-in-laws will have problems in the future, according to him.

He said: “Anyone who compliments the mother-in-law has a problem. Anyone nice to the mother-in-law will have a problem in the future. You will never be able to befriend your mother-in-law. It’s depravity and disrespect.

“My wife and my mother will never be friends. They do not fight, but they are unable to be friends. Respect must be present. The respect comes from the fact that she is an in-law, and you respect her on that level. You are not required to be nice to your mother-in-law.

“Don’t address her as your mother. She is your wife’s mother-in-law. Don’t be shy about saying it. She is not your mother, but rather your husband’s mother. You will never be her daughter. Remember that.”


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