Revealed: Evidence Proving That Tiwa Savage Is the One in the Leaked S3xt@pe

A video of Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage having a good time in the bedroom with her boyfriend has gone viral, sending social media into a frenzy.

Many people have expressed their opinions on the matter, with some claiming that the lady in the video is not Tiwa Savage.

However, multiple shards of evidence from the film show otherwise, and these pieces of evidence are listed below.

The lady was dressed in a black gown in the video. This black dress appears to be the same as the one Tiwa wore for a photo with a man who is rumored to be her fiancée. Compare and contrast the two images below.


The lady in the video had her fingernails painted red, and there are images of Tiwa in the same clothing as the lady, with red fingernails to clarify things. Take a look at these images;

Although we would have liked to share the video, our policies prevent us from doing so. Because the film is ‘in high demand,’ we’re confident you’ll be able to find it on numerous social media platforms.


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