EndSARS: I Will Hit The Streets On Wednesday With My Son – Falana

Popular human rights agitator Femi Falana has revealed that he will hit the streets on Wednesday with his son to protest for the END SARS anniversary.

During an event that was held in Lagos by AFRICMIL members, who launched a book named, ‘We Are All Biafrans’ presented a speech on the current state of the country, how the rights of citizens to protest for their rights are being infringed on.

( SAN) Falana, who was resent at the event, reacted furiously to the attempt of the Nigerian Police to disrupt the protest for the anniversary of #EndSARS, to remember the innocent ones that were killed by the Nigerian Army.

Recall that on 20 of October 2020, innocent youths were massacred at the Lekki Tollgate by the Nigerian Army, while exercising their rights to protest against the brutality of a police sector called SARS.

Falana revealed that he will hit the streets on Wednesday with his Son for the END SARS anniversary, “we must protest that is the only language the Government hears, the President and his cabinets are trying hard to disrupt the protest, but it will hold unfailingly.

“During Jonathans regime in 2012, Buhari joined me in protesting, he could he become the president and oppose what he once indulged in”.

” There are rumors that nobody died during END SARS protest, this is far away from the truth, his could the Federal Government claimed nobody died, despite the pointing pieces of evidence that were gathered at the Lekki shooting scene, a renowned pathologist and Archaeologist revealed that himself, nothing less than 99 people were killed at the site.


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