Reactions As 28 Students Die While On Boat Cruise

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A sad new report reaching BEST NEWS NETWORK is that about 28 Nigerian students died while on a boat cruise in Kano state.

According to sources and witnesses, the students who died on the boat cruise were on an excursion from an Islamic school in Kano going to Watari dam located in the state.

The number of students was approximately 40 students before they met their untimely death when their ship capsized, killing 28 out of them.

Kano State Emergency Agency was immediately alerted, but unfortunately, 28 bodies were recovered, two indigenous (Amar Shuaib and Tanko Issa), about five children were rescued and are currently responding to treatment at the hospital.

However, the chairman of the Kano Emergency Agency, Aminu Yusuf Abdullahi, revealed that the boat sank because it was overloaded.

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