Police Mistakenly Kills Three In Ondo During Protest, See Details

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Officers of the Nigerian Police have mistakenly killed three people in Ondo stated while trying to calm a protest.

According to sources, who spoke with our correspondent, a woman accidentally knocked down a motorcycle rider, which resulted in the immediate death of the rider and passengers.
Angered by the unfortunate incident, that led to the death of their colleague, the association of commercial motorcycle riders lynched the women and blocked all the major roads of Akure.

Coincidentally some Policemen were on patrol, and they tried to rescue the women from being killed by the motorcycle riders, but unfortunately, the riders also tried to lynch the police.

The police officers while trying to calm the situation and disperse the mob, mistakenly killed three people in the capital city of Akure, Ondo state.

According to a witness, the police authority in a bid to disperse the crows allegedly misfired into the crowd, which hit another commercial motorcyclist and passenger. The police officer was mobbed but he managed to escape from the scene, inflicting serious injuries.

The spokesman for Ondo State Police Command, Mrs. Funmilayo Odunlami addresses the situation, asked for calmness, and claimed that the situation will be investigated.

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