Police Arrest Gunmen Who Attacked Prison In Jos

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The Nigerian Police force has arrested unknown Gunmen that attacked a Correctional prison in Jos.

During the late hours of Sunday, 29th of November, a correctional facility located in Jos, came under attack by Gunmen who stormed and invaded the prison with different weapons intending to commit a jail break.

However, nemesis catched up with them, after the Police arrived at the scene and arrested the Gunmen who attacked the prison in Jos.

The spokesman of the officers of the correctional facility, Francis Enobore spoke with our correspondents where he revealed that.

“The gunmen arrived around 5: 30 p.m, seized the entrance gate after a fierce battle between the security personnel, they later gain access into the prison, but unfortunately they were trapped in the yard”.

” We blocked all the routes, wall and area, till the arrival of the Police who subdued them”.

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