And Igbo Man Will Never Learn Lesson From The Demolition Of His Properties Then And Now

After the 1967-1970 BIAFRA VS NIGERIA CIVIL WAR, the IGBO MAN was reduced to 20 pounds due to Gowon policy; no matter how rich he was. But God helped the IGBO MAN to Prosper again, but Igbo man refused to learn any lesson from these incident.

Many years back in Abuja, El-Rufia demolished billions of naira worth of buildings and made many Igbo landlords to become tenants, many gone mad, while others committed suicide but Igbos never learn from these humiliations and intimidations.

The shops, buildings and plazas of Igbos are being set ablaze almost every year, but the same Igbo Man due to his love for “one Nigeria” will start building again from the scratch, developing his environment but he never learn any lesson from his suffering and smiling.

Now, the FHA has started demolishing trillions of naira worth of properties at Festac town phase 2 Abulado, Lagos, on the ground that those buildings didn’t get approval. Thus, majority of these buildings belongs to the man from the East.

When will the man from the East learn that: “One doesn’t reject himself when others rejects him? “

Written By: Aniakor Ikenna


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