Phone Don’t Cause An Explosion When Close To Gas Cylinder

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Cell Phone Signals Are Far Too Weak To Cause An Explosion Close To Your Gas Cylinder

People often have this misconception that cell phone signals usually cause an explosion when the phone is close to a gas cylinder.

They believe answering phone calls or using your phone close to a gas cylinder will pose danger, whereas this is false.

The actual causes of explosions are leakages and sparks. The human body might also contribute to this effect.

More than 90% of gas cylinder explosions are as a result of the temperature of the environment, as well as leaks and sparks.

A gas cylinder will not explode if it does not pass through a spark and leakage, meaning that phone calls or any activity done with the phone near the gas cylinder can never lead to an explosion.

However, using a cell phone close to the cylinder is not advisable.

Now let us take a breakdown of the various keywords that are involved in the article.

EXPLOSION: It is a high increase in volume and the release of energy in a terrible manner, usually followed by the release of high temperatures and gases.

FLASHPOINT: This is the smallest amount of temperature at which a material can possibly ignite.

FIRE: This is the phenomenon where a flammable material, in combination with oxygen, causes combustion when exposed to a heat source.

However, these terms are important for your understanding of the whole concept.

Now What Is Static Electricity and where Is It Source?

Static electricity is formed when there is an imbalance between positive and negative charges.

Neurons and protons do not roam around much, but electrons love to jump and go all over the place. When an object has an additional electron, it has a negative charge.

It is an electric charge produced by the coming together of two rough surfaces that leads to cracking or the attraction of dust.

In other words, it is an electric charge that gets compounded on an object when it is usually created when two objects are bad electrical conductors.

A good example of this type occurs when you rub your pen continuously on your hair for a long time and then bring the pen closer to the paper.

At this point, you will perceive some magnetic attractions between them. This action could be described as a static charge transferred from your hair down to your pen acting on the charges from the paper.

The charges leading to this reaction usually come from the human body and, at times, In summary, the human body is capable of starting up a gaseous explosion if it is close to a leaking gas cylinder.

Theoretically, the only thing capable of causing an explosion whenever a phone is used close to a gas cylinder is radio frequency radiation, which is a kind of magnetic wave that makes it easier for us to make calls. 

How To Avoid Gas Explosion In The Home

Perform frequent checks against leakages on your gas cylinder before putting it to use and always switch it off after use.

Keep it away from kids who do not have knowledge of how to use it. Do not attempt to switch on electrical appliances if you perceive the smell of gas in the home, smoke, or even make use of a mobile device in that environment.

Install gas detectors both in your workplace and at home, and in all the places you suspect gas will accumulate. Keep a proper check on the gas detectors and ensure they are well maintained.

Sparks from electrical switches are likely to cause explosions and should be avoided.

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