“Only A Nigerian Can Play This Role…”, Reactions Trail Hushpuppi Series By 50 Cent

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50 Cent’s Hushpuppi’s movie series sparks reactions from social media fans.

Netizens advice 50 Cent on who to play the Hushpuppi role

Mixed Reactions have trailed the announcement of an Hushpuppi movie series by American rapper, 50 Cent.

Naturenex  reported the American rapper’s announcement came after the internet fraudster, Hushpuppi bagged an 11 year and 3-month sentence by the District Court sitting at the Central District of California on Monday after he was found guilty of laundering proceeds of a school financing scam, business email compromise and other fraudulent cyber schemes.

Revealing on his Instagram page, 50 Cent posted a picture of the famous fraudster captioning, “For my con artists I gotta do this one, the founder of G-Unit Records stated in the caption. Coming soon: the Hushpuppi series! I don’t miss GLG, the Green Light Gang. #Bransoncognac.”

In response to this post, netizens have taken to the rapper’s comment section to share their thoughts and view, most of whom advice the singer to employ the service of a Nigerian actor for the Hushpuppi role.

chibuzorr wrote: “Only a Nigerian that has lived in Nigeria can play this role an African American saying “their mama” is just not gonna be the same”

4220_jojo wrote: “Y’all stop making noise Nigerian actor or no Nigeria actor anyone who can play his role better would get it stop being sentimental because his from our country fine good and fair they will be Nigerian cast, but the role of hush puppy shouldn’t be given to anyone who can’t deliver 100% if you want a Nigeria actor to play the role by all means then buy your camera and go and shoot your movie by yourself”

thebigwoo__ wrote: “Tell the story the way it is. Don’t go telling folks he was some Kanan growing up in the suburbs of Queens with a mother who was scamming! If you gon tell the story, tell it the way it is!!! Not your own version”

Nigerian actress, Uche Jumbo also shared her view stating: “Please give a Nigeria actor the opportunity to play this character.”

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