Nigerian Lady Sacked From Her Job In UK After Saying ‘I’m Strong’ In A Mail She Sent To Report Her Sickness

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A Nigerian lady living in the UK is currently in the eye of the storm on social media because she has been sacked from her job

A Nigerian man named Tripple U posted the lady’s story to narrate how she sent a mail saying ‘I’m strong’ when she was actually sick

Her employers reportedly misunderstood her mail as they interpreted it straight to mean that she deliberately stayed away from work

A Nigerian lady has been sacked from her job in the United Kingdom, UK after a mail she sent to report her absence from work was misunderstood.

According to a video posted on Facebook by a fellow Nigerian named Tripple U, the young lady got sick and could not go to work for weeks.

The lady failed to report to work and her communication to her school and employers was misunderstood. Photo credit: Hill Street Studios and Dragana991/Getty Images. (Photos used for illustration). Source: Getty Images

She did not keep calm over her sickness as she sent a mail obviously meant to let her employers and school know her predicament.

However, the wordings of the mail she sent was completely misunderstood owing to what could be called cultural misinterpretation.

What she wrote in the mail that cost her dearly

According to the story, the lady wrote in the mail that she was ‘strong’. That is to say instead of saying ‘I’m sick’ she said ‘I’m strong.’

Among some Christians in Nigeria, saying ‘I’m strong’ when they are actually sick is seen as a way of exercising faith.

But this obviously did not apply in the UK where the lady has been reportedly sacked because her employers read it straight to mean that she deliberately went AWOL.

She is also said to be battling with her school since she is also a student who is under sponsorship which she may soon loose owing to same email routed through the school.

Tripple U who shared the story failed to mention the lady’s name or which school she is attending in the UK. He has been accused of concocting the story by some peeps.

Reactions from Facebook users

Ben Okpancho said:

“You could easily pass your message without making mockery of the Christian faith. Strong in Nigeria means strong, it is an English word.”

@Abraham Saviour commented:

“Well, this is the problem with religious people. In life, you ought to do what is right and that is where your Christianity will shine brighter.”

“Casmir Uduzirinwa said:

“Your story is false.British schools don’t sack student for missing class.Nobody could be deported for skipping class and employers don’t deport anyone for skipping work.”

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