Mass defection: Over 3,000 Decamps To APC In FCT

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Mass defection has hit the People Democratic Party and All Progressive Grand Alliance party after over 3000 decamps to APC in FCT, Abuja.

This is coming in regards to the upcoming Abuja Councillor and constituency, and general election, when Buhari 8 years rule will end, and a new President will be elected.
Preparation for the election has started in earnest in the two major parties in Nigeria; APC and PDP, also the issue of zoning cannot be overemphasized in these parties, the Nothern and Southern Region fighting over the presidential ticket. This has even led to crises and division of the parties into factions.

Earlier today, Federal Capital Territory, Kwali Street Abuja, was filled to the brim with several people from People Democratic Party, small parties, and All Progressive Grand Alliance party when over 3000 decamps to APC.

Dr. Ramat Aliu, the Minister of Federal Capital Territory under the aegis of APC, released a congratulatory statement her Mr. Austine Elemu, his aide.

She stated that all the decampees were welcomed wholeheartedly, and described it as bountiful reaping of over 3,000 people that needs to be reckoned, the former PDP and APGA members show that the All Progressive Congress is progressing, and also advised their mass should be used to win the 2023 election.

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