Lady Cries Out After Being Chopped, Impregnated, And Dumped By An Army Sergent

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Comfort Peter, a 23-year-old lady has cried out after being chopped, impregnated, and dumped by an Army Sergeant in Bauchi state.

She shared her story with newsmen In Bauchi, where the lady cried out for justice after being chopped, impregnated, and dumped, and de­filed by a Nigerian Army serving in Biu Regiment when she was barely 19 years old, she revealed that;

“I met Sergeant Julius Simon in 2017, he was on a special operation, at Biu Regiment in Bauchi, Julius made approached me, but he was rebuked by the madam I was working, who blankly affirmed that if Julius was serious with the relationship, he should come and see my parents”.

“I was 19 and he was 30, he agreed came to my house, my father saw him in uniform and asked him if he wanted to marry me, and he said yes, my father proposed that I should further my education because I had just finished secondary school”.

” I was blinded by love, I was asked to choose between mar­rying and furthering my education, and I choose marriage, we started our relationship officially, when Julius was about to finish his special operation in Biu he invited me to his house; seized my phone, locked me up and raped me overnight”.

“After the act was done, he asked me to leave the following morning, when I got home my father was admitted to hospital, I went to visit Julius twice in Biu but I got threatened every time.

“I got pregnant and had a boy in June 2019, and since then I have not been able to reach Julius, one of his friends told me he has been posted to Maiduguri.

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