Just In: Fayose Caught Meeting With APC Leader, Tinubu

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A colossal figure of the People Democratic Party, and former Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Peter Ayo Fayose caught meeting with Tinubu, APC National leader.

Recall that Tinubu just arrived back in Nigeria on Friday, after spending about three months in London, for surgery on his knee joint and post- physiotherapy, a party was held to welcome him back to his Fatherland by his party members, and since then a lot of people has been coming around to great their party chairman.

During the late hours of yesterday, Fayose was caught meeting chief, Tinubu Asiwaju on one of his residences located in Bourdillon, Ikoyi.

After the incident got leaked out to the press, the former Ekiti Governor addresses the situation via his Facebook page, where he stated that;

“W politicians should show love for ourselves, everyone is susceptible to sickness, when such cases arise, political party or politics should be kept aside”.

“Earlier today, I went to Bourdillon, in Ikoyi, Lagos to greet our political father and leader, Chief, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, and wished him quick recovery, sickness doesn’t distinguish political party, people like them ought to be celebrated while they are still breathing, rather than trooping to write condolences after their death, I wished him quick and robust recovery, I know this innocent visit will be given different analysis, but I, Ayo Fayose remain a strong stakeholder and leader of PDP”.

After the visit, there had been so much speculation that the Former Governor may be planning to defect to APC.

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