Ikoyi Building Collapse: Osinbona Family Now Facing Serious Fight

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Few days after the owner of the Ikoyi 21- storey building that collapsed death was announced, a fight has ensued within the family over Osinbona properties.

Recall that, a 21-storey building under construction in Gerrald Ikoyi collapsed on Monday, November, 1 with the owner and other 150 workers on the site, the owner’s body, Femi Osibona, was later pulled out under the rubble on Thursday, pronounced dead.

According to sources, a fight ensued within his family over Osinbona properties, his wife who resided in the United States, flew into the country immediately after hearing the news of his demise, she planned to stay at her husband’s house in Mosley Road, but unfortunately, Osibona’s brothers wouldn’t allow her to gain entry into the building, where her husband’s expensive vehicles, assets, wads of note and other valuable materials were. Osinbona’s wife has four children with the late real estate developer, but the reasons behind the action of his brother and kinsmen are still unknown.

A neighbor also revealed that the two parties came with Mobile Police, arguing over access to Osinbona bank details of the deceased and keys to his expensive vehicles and assets.

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