‘I Placed Several Calls To Peter Obi To Interrogate Him Before I Supported Tinubu’ – Kazeem Afegbua

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi is recognized as a man who’s quite accessible in meetings and political debates. And many politicians has described him as an human man in their political dealing with him. However, former Edo state commissioner for Information, Kazeem Afegbua has accused Peter Obi of snubbing his calls when he wanted to interrogate him about his political plans after left the PDP. 

Afegbua who’s a supporter of the Bola Tinubu/Kashim Shettima presidential ticket has alleged that his support to the Former Lagos Governor came with various dimensions of political analysis. Afegbua alleged that he doesn’t cast his net into a pond without fishes and that he observed the political scene quite well before he made his choice.

He said;

“Peter Obi was a running mate to Atiku in 2019, and I expected him to remain in the PDP and fight for his right as a candidate and prevail on Atiku to support him. Since Atiku said he wanted a South East Presidency. By the time I was leaving PDP, I placed several calls to Peter Obi to even sit down with him and interrogate him and see the shape and dimension of his political campaign but Peter Obi does not pick up calls. And that was before I supported Tinubu.”

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