God Made Africans In His Image

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Dear lovely Africa,

Please tell me more about yourself. I have heard your story from many strangers – people from other continents, but now I want to get the real story about you from you and you alone my sweetheart.

Wealthy Africa, why is it that many men from other continent became popular after visiting you? What is so special about you that the Arab wants to Arabize you? Tell me the reason why they wants to islamize and christianize you?

I heard about the transatlantic slave trade where they took away your golden bracelets and replaced it with shackles and chains.

But your God who made you is too faithful to fail you. The God of Africa is also too great to be monopolize by Moslem, Christian or any other religious affiliations. The God of Africa is a spirit and Africans worship their God in truth and in spirit.

Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Mongo etc; visited Africa for survival sake when their life was at risk and they all found safety and hospitality.

Even Socrates came to Africa just to listen to the teachings of Olamira of the Yoruba tribe who was a greater philosopher than himself.

When I read the book of Genesis – Creation account, I learnt that God created man in his image with the soil. And when I checked the color of the soil and it was black and remains black, then I believed that God made Africans in his image.

Dearest Africa, your Independence is beyond that your beautiful national designed flag!

Blessed Africa Your freedom is meaningless if you fail to unite as one indivisible entity beyond the boundaries created by strangers to disorganize, manipulate, exploit and waste you during the 1885 Berlin conference in Germany at Berlin .

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