EndSARS Lawyer, Reveals What He Will Do To Lagos Panel Of Inquiry Chair, Justice Doris For Her Action

The lawyer who defended EndSARS protesters at the Lagos State Panel of Inquiry into the Lekki tollgate shooting on October 20, 2020, has sworn to prostrate in public to Justice Doris Okwuobi, the panel’s chairman, whenever and everywhere he sees her for the next five years.
On Monday, November 15, Justice Okwuobi and other members of the panel presented their findings to the state administration, in which they indicted the Nigerian Army and Police for their roles in the tragedy.
Ogunlana responded to the new development on his Facebook page, read:

I hereby serve Justice Doris Okuwobi alias MAMA KOSELERI PANEL this NOTICE :
For this next 5 years Ma , any time I jam you for road , titi , corridor, anywhere , na FULL YORUBA IDOBALE ( prostration) I shall be giving you ! SO HELP ME GOD ! It doesnt matter if you feel embarrased ! Na my body dey ground Ma !”


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