‘Don’t let yahoo boys run you street’ – EFCC warns about ponzi schemes

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have warned Nigerians about investment platforms that are springing up in the country at the moment. They revealed that they are all Ponzi schemes.

The anti graft agency took to their verified Facebook Page and said shared a post titled ‘Ponzi Scheme Again!’.

EFCC advised Nigerians not to fall victim of these online investment. They revealed that they are Ponzi Schemes and that they will surely crash people’s life!

They explained that no investment give those fantastic returns. They warned that Nigerians should not let yahoo boys run them street. Finally they revealed that some Ponzi schemes like MMM, Galaxy, Racksteli and Brad crashed so they should not allow another fake investment crash with them.

The advice from EFCC comes after some Nigerians fell victim of some fake investment platforms that crashed in the past and the operators of this schemes made away with some hard earned money that belongs to hardworking citizens of this nation.

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