The Nigerian Embassy in Bujumbura Holds Media Conference: Throws more lights on its Charter, Vision and Mission.

As part of activities lined up to celebrate Nigeria’s National Day / 61st Independence Anniversary, the Head of the Nigeria Mission in Burundi has addressed a joint session of Media comprising of Print, Electronic (Radio and Television) and Online Media (New Media).

Speaking during the Media Session, His Excellency Ambassador Elijah Onyeagba PhD disclosed that Nigeria has in recent times expanded their bilateral agreements in areas of tourism, trade and investment, education, health, digital economy and the New Media.

‘Nigeria Mission here in Bujumbura will keep improving our bilateral cooperation in many other sectors that are yet to be covered in our existing Nigeria- Burundi Joint Commission currently signed between our government and the Republic of Burundi.

In the coming times we shall deepen our Bilateral trade agreement to include more vital economic sectors like the Military and aviation.

I am confident that when the neccessary factors which will propel improved bilateral trade and economic transactions are put in place, all other logistics indexes will be adequately taken care of!

The President Muhammadu Buhari, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria’s diplomatic charter here, remains that Africa will continue to maintain regional and sub-regional security

His Excellency
Ambassador Elijah C. Onyeagba

(Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Burundi
October 1, 2021)


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