Bishop Oyedepo Sends Stark Warning To Son

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In a compelling video shared on his X account on Tuesday, Isaac Oyedepo, son of the renowned founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, has received a stern warning from his father. The elder Oyedepo admonished Isaac not to malign or bring down any ministry while carrying out his ministerial duties.

“My son, His times are not in your hands, your times are in His hands. Don’t be part of maligning or bringing down any ministry.”

The caution was delivered during the video titled ‘Unveiling of the Isaac Oyedepo Evangelistic Ministries,’ where Oyedepo addressed what is believed to be members of his son’s newly-founded ministry.

“Some years ago, someone stood up to give a testimony and to malign TREM and Deeper Life and I corrected it immediately. Never get to a point where you say this thing is only happening with me.”

Oyedepo, known for his influential role in the Christian community, urged Isaac to avoid the pitfalls of some young ministers who develop a sense of self-importance.

“Don’t get to a point where you say this thing is only happening with me… Don’t toe the path of the young generation of ministers who believed they were everything.”

The video captures a poignant moment as Oyedepo prays for Isaac and his wife, Ayomitide, emphasizing the importance of humility and impactful ministry.

“As hands are laid on you, I pray for unusual grace for sustainable connectivity that will keep you going without sweat. I pray that impact will be your goal, not just good preaching but great impact.”

Oyedepo concludes the prayer with a powerful affirmation of his own life principles.

“I have never begged, yet I have never lacked, I have never borrowed yet I have never lacked.”

Addressing prior speculations about his status within the church, Isaac reaffirms his dedication to the Living Faith Church and urges caution regarding information not communicated through his official social media platforms.

“Exercise caution when considering information that has not been communicated through my official social media platforms.”

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