“Nigerian Structure Needs Total Dismantling” – Bishop Kukah

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Bishop Matthew Kukah, the influential Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese, has delivered a bold assertion, advocating for the complete dismantling of the current Nigerian structure.

In an interview with Channels Television, Bishop Kukah argued that the creation of states in Nigeria was not a product of thoughtful planning but a reactive measure to prevent conflict with Ojukwu, and this decision, in his view, has led to a dysfunctional state.

“The structure of the Nigerian state is unscientific; it’s dysfunctional; it’s not working. It’s the reason why, amidst plenty, we’re still in pain. The Nigerian structure needs to be totally dismantled because it cannot work.”

Bishop Kukah expressed the opinion that the creation of states, which was intended to avert war with Ojukwu, has contributed to the disunity and challenges faced by the country.

“The first mistake we made, in my view, was to create states. Alright, the creation of states; remember that states were created to stop Ojukwu from going to war, not because people sat down and decided that this is how we’re going to do this.”

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