BB Naija: Why I Can’t Date Queen – White Money Reveals

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The winner of the Brother Naija season 6, Hazel Oyeze also called WhiteMoney, has revealed why he can’t date Queen.

Recall that the Big Brother “shine ya eye” season came to an end on Sunday 3rd of October; after airing for 72 days since 24th of July, about 22 housemates kick-started the show, and four were later brought in. The 72 days were filled with negative and positive energy, vibes, fun, and others.

Housemates got into ships; some sailed for a while and crashed (Sammie and Angel, Saskay and Cross, Pere and Maria) some crashed, and we are also watching if some ship would sail/(Jackie B and Micheal, Jaypaul and Saskay, Cross and Angel, Whitemoney and Jackie B or Maria).

The ship that would never be forgotten in the history of Big Brother Naija was the Sanini Ship between Saga and Nini; some regarded this as obsession (Mumu) after Saga failed to let go of Nini after knowing that she was in a romantic relationship outside the house, the tears shed by Saga after Nini went missing (a prank played by Biggie) for 24 hours.

During his media rounds, White Money revealed why he can’t date queen; he stated that “Queen has a kind, amazing, and truthful personality, I wish to have her as a close friend, with my current state of mind, I do not connect with her emotionally, or romantically, Im not thinking of relationship-wise matter with her.”

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