Bandits Slaughter Tons In Kebbi, See Details

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According to BEST NEWS NETWORK impeccable source, an unknown group of bandits has slaughtered tons in Kebbi state overnight.

Recall that earlier today; it was reported that the Chief president, commander in armed forces, Buhari, ordered that all bandits in Nigeria should be wiped out brutally by the Nigerian Army.

The unknown group of bandits that slaughtered tons in Kebbi state was said to have attacked a village called Dan-Kade, which was under a district called nashi, headed by Zuru chiefdom.

The bandits attacked the resident, slaughtering, killing, burning, and destroying any lives and prosperity on sight.

The Kebbi State Police Command is yet to react or make any statement regarding the incident. Moreover, the head of vigilante group in the village confirmed the incident.

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