Avoid Searching This Online: 4 Illegal Internet Searches That Could Land You In Jail

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Did you know?

That some internet searches could get you incarcerated or having a case with the judges. Not all searches are accepted by Google. I’m here to make known to you what could land you in jail if searched. Just for you to know so you won’t be arrested alongside the guilty. Here are some of the searches which can make you visit cell in your lifetime if not avoided:

 1.  Pornography:

Launching Google and searching pornography can be simply refered to as a sex crime. It’s an online crime which can lead one to an offline imprisonment. It’s not only searching but another stage of viewing it though both can land you in jail. Don’t claim you just searched, searching only itself could end you up in that unwanted place.

If you’ve ever searched it, it’ll automatically save to your  browser history of and you might be accused for that. If you ever download a video showing sex especially of those under 17 whether intentionally or accidentally, be ready to be summoned by one of the law enforcement agencies. They’re into monitoring some online searches and they can as well track your location if they concluded on arresting you. Try to avoid all sorts of child pornography’s search. Prevention is better than cure, don’t forget.

 2. Torrenting:

This appears in different forms. If you try to torrent a material secured by a  copyright, you’re in your path to jail. It does not only end there. You might be asked to pay some fines and as well be deprived of the privilege to surf the web.

Aside torrenting, know that any website or page that displays videos without permission may be illicit. Watch! If they find out you’re a member of the website, you’ll face the law too. Spending your money to watch real websites videos is better than visiting free and illegal websites.

 3. Scamming/How to scam:

Here, it talks about trying to scam or otherwise called Yahoo. Do you know what’s funny about it? You might have been chatting with law enforcement agencies without even knowing that you are. So, it’s better you avoid it!

 4. Employing a contract killer:

There’s something called dark web. It’s still dark to some people. Most people are still ignorant of its existence. Dark web is a web hidden from Google where Google illegal terms are done. It is where you sex video and child pornography are marketed. It is where you can employ a gunman for money. Move far from dark web to prevent polluting your innocence.

Here, I’m dropping my pen. The summary is ‘stay away from child pornography, torrenting, scamming , employing a contract killer and the likes.

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