APC official into coma, After beating from thugs in Nasarawa

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An official of the All Progressive party has turned out to be the victim of an unfortunate accident after he was beaten to coma by thugs in Nasarawa.

According to verified sources, Mr. Enwongulu, Legal Adviser, APC Wakama ward, in Nasarawa State was attacked earlier today, in his house where he was beaten to coma by thugs.

When his immediate brother was briefing the police of the incident, he stated that before the attack there was a meeting before the stakeholders and elders of APC members in Wakama.

” They arrived at his residence around 1.20 a.m, the door was locked and they used force to open the door, they offered us to come out or they will set us ablaze in the house”.

“We had no choice but to come out of the house, and we saw about six unknown people folding different weapons like; cutlasses, axe, knives, and big sticks.

“They asked us all to lay flat on the ground, which we all complied, and they told us that their reason for being here was because that the APC Chairmanship and Councillorship election was rigged to favor the Mr. Enwongul and his crew, and immediately they started beating us, but they focused more on him”.

” They ordered him to call the former APC gubernatorial candidate, Mr. James Agbazo, and relay his last word to him, but fortunately he did not pick up the line, and they told him to call another of his close friends cause they were going to kill him, after which they resumed beating him”.

“Immediately after beating him into a coma, they set his house ablaze, we had no choice than to move into the house of a kinsmen around, everything got burnt, but all thanks to God for saving us and we hope that our brother in coma, will recover soon”.

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